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It's what's on the inside that counts


We just love Mochi Donuts!

Set out on a mission to create the most authentic creative Chef Inspired Mochi Donut. We would love to give our customers the best experience when tasting one our Chef Inspired Mochi Donuts. We carefully sourced out the best and highest quality ingredients as well as keeping it local! You will get this not too LIGHT, not too AIRY, and not too CHEWY sensation when biting into our Hand Crafted Signature Chef Inspired Mochi Donuts.

Not just any "Mochi Donut", it's Mochidon, and we're just different! Experience our proprietary blend, Signature Crisp Chef Inspired Flavors and techniques. We want to elevate "mochi donut" game as there are many others out there. We don't want to be the same, we just want to be the best for our customers :) 

We hope to put a smile on your face :)

MochiDon Las Vegas NOW OPEN!!!

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